Pop Music Team - Society Is A Shit (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Originally recorded in 1969 for Orfeon Records in Mexico, this unbelievably awesome set of psychedelic rock was shelved for decades, due in large part to its fantastic (though probably poorly chosen from a commercial standpoint) title Society Is a Shit. With the exception of a humorous, traditional-sounding acoustic number presenting the record in Spanish, this record is 100% pure, mind-expanding psychedelia sung mostly in English. It's got all the factors you'd expect from a psych record of the period, like the glorious fuzz guitar and organ, but this is a far more creative and strung-out record than most.
Developments in American rock and psychedelia were clearly on the group's radar -- the influence of The Doors can be heard in particular -- yet it would be a mistake to try to compare this album to any other. This is a truly unique listen that will surprise and delight you from start to finish and it deserves a place in the collection of any fan of psychedelic music.
Pop Music Team were among the first psychedelic bands in Mexico, writing original material influenced by Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, and the Doors (they even opened for the Doors at the Forum in Mexico City).
This is an issue of their legendary unreleased album, recorded for Orfeon in April 1969, with killer fuzz guitar and organ, mostly sung in English. This music should be known to all psych music heads, but it isn’t: so what happened? It’s simple. A demo recording of the band’s track ‘Tlatelolco 68’ was broadcast on the radio in 1969. The Mexican government heard the track, and immediately quashed the release of the album; their objection: the song described the brutal repression of the student movement in Mexico (students were slaughtered at La Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, Mexico City).
For a long time, about 36 years to be precise, no one knew that an entire album had been recorded, or where to find the masters. But here it is, psychedelic garage jams with sweet fuzz and farfisa, including ‘Tlatelolco 68’, which turns out to be a 10-minute freaked out long jam. Sure, the cover art looks like a bubble gum packet (there was no original jacket art, since the album was never released), but don't let that or the band name scare you. This is wonderful stuff!"
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