Free Minds / The Love Army / La Fachada De Piedra / Soul Masters - Rock En Avandaro : Valle De Bravo (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"The Festival Rock y Ruedas de Avándaro (also known as the Festival de Avándaro or simply Avándaro) was a historic Mexican rock festival held on September 11–12, 1971, on the shores of Lake Avándaro near the Avándaro Golf Club, in a hamlet called Tenantongo, near the town of Valle de Bravo in the central State of Mexico. It has been compared to the American Woodstock festival[3] for its psychedelic music, counterculture imagery and artwork, and open drug use."-Wikipedia

This is a exploitation album of 12 studio tracks of 'hippie rock' produced by Discos Orfeon in 1972, to capitalize on the buzz generated by the festival.
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