Lake Mallory - Ogygia (new release - special offer)

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Rachel Anne Warren - vocals, keys
Jonathan Badger - acoustic and electric guitars, oud, mellotron, piano, vocals, balalaika, concussions
Really great, edgy, electro-pop duo project from the under-recognized Jonathan Badger (who I knew, of course) and Rachel (a really fine singer from Baltimore who I didn't know before this project)

"Lake Mallory is the musical hybrid born of the wildly diverse sensibilities of Jonathan Badger (Cuneiform, MT6, High Horse) and Rachel Anne Warren. Their music teeters and weaves between pop and the abyss, featuring intricate contrapuntal live looping, heart wrenching lyrics, and roof-endangering vocals. The songs have a moody familiarity that seduces even as it challenges. Think Blonde Redhead meets Bjork at a party hosted by Future Islands.
Jonathan Badger is a composer and performer based in Baltimore, Maryland. Formally trained as a classical guitarist, he went on to study music theory and composition at Duke University and arranged and composed music for theatre and dance. He also studied in Guitar Craft, a guitar school founded and guided by Robert Fripp of King Crimson. He has released five full length albums and traveled extensively in North America, performing his riveting style of “guitaristic” orchestral music.
Rachel Anne Warren is a writer/singer/songwriter who likes to stay in motion, living occasionally in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Richmond, and other places between and beyond. She came to prominence in Baltimore as the glam-cabaret-poet frontwoman for Gunwife Gone, and she was also a member of the neopunk band PLRLS. She has performed extensively in all the great cities of the east coast and has recorded on a number of local and national albums, including Kristen Toedtman’s Limbo, and she’s even taken the time be the featured vocalist on two international Geico commercials.
Their self-released debut album, Ogygia (High Horse, 2017), captures the eclectic aesthetic of the duo. Ogygia is the name of the island of the demigoddess Calypso, who held Odysseus prisoner for seven years as her toy/pet/lover. Odysseus weeps as his life is drained away in a sensual paradise of dark vines and screaming birds, surrounded by a vast and pitiless ocean. Lake Mallory’s songs move seamlessly between sweet-yet-damaged love songs, heartbroken dance grooves, and the ominous, watery abyss."

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