Devil's Staircase - The Devil's Staircase

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“So this debut CD answers the question - what happens when you let a bunch of math nerds loose in the studio. Turns out they cook up one hell of a prog album!
The Devil's Staircase is an international consortium of musicians that include Luis Nasser and Tim McCaskey (Sonus Umbra), Aaron Geller (Might Could), and Mattias Olsson (ex-Anglagard, Pixie Ninja), and Ramses Luna (Luz de Riada).

"The Devil's Staircase is an international group of musicians who play rock inspired by math and science. But they don't play math rock.
Ideas from nonlinear dynamics, fractals, cellular automata, and astronomy inspire compositional forms, but don't tell the band what to do."

OK so they don't play math rock. What they have created is an interesting album of pure prog. Its obvious that King Crimson is buried in their DNA but I'm hearing some similarities to Djam Karet as well as the band's that the members came from. There is excellent use of dynamics with McCaskey on acoustic guitar balancing Geller on electric. Luna weaves in and out on sax and his midi wind controller. Nasser provides the rhythmic foundation and energy. Typical Olsson percussion features varying degrees of lightness but when necessary he's hammering at the gates of Hell.
You don't need to have knowledge of advanced calculus but you will have to keep your thinking cap on.”-Ken Golden
  • UPC700261481869
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