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“This legendary band, whose reputation continues to grow as time passes, were gone before anyone knew they were there. They played a handful of concerts, reformed very briefly to make a second LP, then immediately disbanded again. But the records attracted a cult following, especially in Japan.
Their existence became tenuous, flickering, mythological. How come there's an original Beefheart drawing on the inside cover of their first LP? Why were they invited onto France Culture to debate postmodernism with Boltanski and Bofill? But mainly, it was the music that earned their reputation, with its Satiesque simplicity, timeless self-confidence, wistful modernity and uncompromisingly eccentric arrangements. They came out of nowhere with a music that was like nothing else, and then they disappeared. The three main protagonists (Hector Zazou, Joseph Racaille, and Patrick Portella) however, continued to make waves, though in very different lakes.
This box contains both original ZNR releases - Barricades III and Traite de Mechanique Populaire - plus two extra CDs - one with the whole of the post-ZNR LP Les Flots Bleus by Patrick Portella and Joseph Racaille, Joseph Racaille's Pegase and the Six Petites Chansons EP.
The second collects early ZNR demos and lost tracks, which appear here for the first time. There's also an 80pp book of memories, histories, reflections, photographs, documents, interviews and other memorabilia from the group's brief but extraordinary career - alongside contemporary commentaries by Joseph Racaille and Patrick Portella”-Chris Cutler

“Finally all rarities in one box: Barricade 3, Traité de mecanique populaire, even Les flots bleus (although strictly speaking no ZNR). In addition, one of these whimsical “tapes perdus” with some dug shots of some terrible quality, but with historical value. Also important: the excellent made, thick booklet. Whether the facts presented in it are all right is as uncertain as it is unimportant. What is crucial is that it contains lyrics, even in English translation (by Chris Cutler!) - so that the not-so-francophones among us can enjoy the most surreal chancons.
About the music, because whoever found this box here knows what he gets into. Of course, the weird spirit of Erik Satie wanders around to mention the most important influence against which Zazou and Racaille (are these real names actually?) Too beautiful to be true...) always vehemently defended. And that even a Synthi AKS, which is considered unusable effect device, can be used melodically, even harmoniously, is the most impressive proof of “Barricade 3". The weird, always surprising lyrics provide the lyrical food. All this in such a small box... absolute recommendation to buy and hear. But watch out, the danger of addiction!”-Alexander Jensko
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