Worm Ouroboros - The Endless Way From You

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“THE WORM OUROBOROS proudly presents their new album "Endless Way From You", as a natural follow-up to their first "Of Things That Never Were", which incorporates different styles, from the symphonic prog and the Canterbury tradition to the desert and sinister Zeuhl territories.
It is a 360 degree view of dreams and nightmares that lead through wordless skies and deserted beaches; mainly instrumental with intense and complex arrangements with flute, guitar and vintage keyboards.
Like their first CD, the new album features guest musicians from the Five-Storey Ensemble.
The music of the band is the different blend of styles and moods, from inconsolable lugubriousness to bright tunefulness (though mainly the former), with immutable density of arrangments, with strong zeuhl and canterbury influences.
Sound is organ- and guitar-based with a notable use of flutes and other woodwinds as well as (obviously) the maddening beating of vile drums. By the way, is it lugubriousness, lugubriescence or lugubriosity?”

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