De Santi, Luigi - Deja Vu (From The Garret...)

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“This little jewel of the Italian Prog is finally available again.
Luigi De Santi, a young composer from Trieste (born in 1985), is one of those solitary figures who occasionally appear in the history of progressive. Like a Patrick Forgas, like a Jean Pascal Boffo, like our Nicola Randone, De Santi overcomes the limitations of compositional and executive solitude to try his hand at a prog-inspired project, an anomalous perspective considered the purely collective extraction of the genre.
"Deja vu (from the garret ...) is an album entirely conceived and played by Luigi, with the voice of Giulio De Santi. Luigi approaches Peter Hammill conceptually thanks to a prolific and abundant writing, both from an instrumental point of view that textual, but the fulcrum of the pieces is in that pastoral and romantic art-rock dear to Genesis and the generations of the new prog. The attack of "key" and the delicate acoustic intertwining that holds "Facts" and "New era" they are in line with the title of the disc, which explicitly wishes to recall a sound of the times gone by.
Coming from a Genesis tribute band, De Santi could not easily free himself from such a cumbersome "totem" but Giulio's voice, far from progressive experience, is an element of detachment.
"Deja vu" is an interesting debut album: the young age of the author is a limit only in limited situations, the idea of playing on short structured tracks like microsuite or "sequences" is well done. A modern modern prog rock.”
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