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Very interesting Norwegian album that I was turned onto the group by their flautist, Ketil Einarsen, who often is able to tell me about interesting things happening in Norway! Thank you Ketil!
By the way, despite them saying that their inspirations are Ornette, Zorn, Sonic Youth and the Softs, they don't sound ANYTHING like any of those bands! Kinda low key, but pretty energetic and Hanne is a fine singer.

"Ignore started out as a free jazz trio led by guitar player and composer Gaute Storsve, with Jonas Sjøvaag and Henning Sandsdalen on drums and bass. They soon contacted the experienced alto sax player Erik Balke who has worked with musicians such as Peter Brötzman, Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell.
In the beginning the sound of Ignore was heavy and intense, as if they were saying, "try to ignore this!". But the compositions soon became longer and much more lyrical, and so the improvisations changed accordingly.
The nature of the music made it necessary to include two additional musicians. The energetic yet lyrical flute player Ketil Einarsen, best known from Jaga Jazzist and White Willow and the unique composer and singer Hanne Hukkelberg, both joined the group. Gaute Storsve now started to work on music to fit every musician’s personal style, and the group tried to find the right balance between written themes and improvisation. The aim was to challenge the conventions within the jazz idiom in both form and contents, and to make experimental music sound beautiful.
The album Happiness Not Yet Won was recorded live in a 350 square foot room. Hanne Hukkelberg´s brother Thomas Hukkelberg recorded and mixed the album. The music was altered slightly to fit the big room. The result of the recording is a lyrical and explosive album were six individual musicians' distinctive characters are plaited together to form an entirety through Gaute Storsve's music and lyrics. It has received great reviews in Scandinavia. Some of the inspirations for Ignore are Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, Sonic Youth and Soft Machine."
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