Powerhouse - Powerhouse (special)

"Perhaps the most legendary of all Japanese rock musicians, Shinki Chen is Japan's most celebrated guitarist. Before going on to form Food Brain, Speed, Glue & Shinki et al, Shinki worked with vocalist Eiji Takamura, who took the stage name 'Chibo' under several different band names (Midnight Express Blues Band, Bebes). As the Bebes, they recorded their own version of The Beatles' 'Back in the USSR' for Toshiba Records, slowing it down to a crawl resulting in the longest song ever to make it on to 7" single. And in the process, Shinki's friend George Yanagi (Strawberry Path, Flied Egg) joined as bass player as the band changed its name yet again, this time to Powerhouse. Shinki and Chibo prided themselves on having hair as long as that of their English heroes, and refused to sing in Japanese or wear the de rigueur Beatles-inspired Group Sounds uniforms of the day. Powerhouse played no original songs, but their cover versions were enormously long and unfolding things, their version of The Yardbirds' 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' and the inevitable 'Spoonful' both clocking in at over a quarter of an hour each. Presented here is their sole LP, which was originally released in April 1969."

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