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While the Basque country is politically part of Spain, Itoiz gives plenty of reason to count it as a separate entity. There is an influence in this music that is definitely indigenous to this small area in Northern Spain, which makes Itoiz all the more interesting to a connoisseur in unusual symphonic musics. There are quite a few Basque progressive rock groups that have not been discovered until recently...The overall concoction ends up being quite unique and extremely seducing. Similar Spanish groups like Gotic, Ibio, Coto-En-Pel, or Granada give some indication to the Itoiz sound in that those groups have a breezier and mellower symphonic sound than bands like Triana, Cai or Iman. Itoiz' indigenous folk sound combined with the England-influenced symphonic sound provides a much more fragile base than would be expected. Except for the out-and-out folk sound of the third and fourth tracks (the latter sounding exactly like a Basque John Denver), the music is good quality symphonic progressive with a laid back powerful sound topping a very magical atmosphere. Connoiseurs of the Spanish, Italian or French scenes or at the limit, those who like the English acid folk scene like Dando Shaft, Mellow Candle, or The Trees, will find this an exotic and strangely hypnotic item.-Mike McLatchey/Expose
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