Operation ID - Legs (special)

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Really excellent debut album from this young Seattle band playing adventurous, instrumental rock music; I'd say 'progressive rock', but they are young band and they play 'progressive' rock music, but if you think 'progressive rock' like Afuche, then, yeah, they play progressive rock. The group's description below is quite poor, imo, but we've included it because there's no info about them out there. The lineup is is sax, guitar, synths, bass and drums. This comes highly recommended and at this price, hugely recommended!

"Operation ID is Seattle’s (the world’s?) only minimalistic, avant-garde, electro-pop, noise-cluster, synth-rock, free-jazz, experimental, dance-prog band. Originally interested in the spontaneity of free-jazz, Operation ID’s open mindedness has guided them to embrace a position of willingness when experimenting with new sounds and musical approaches. They have grown from being exclusively instrumental to frequently incorporating group vocals. Some well known influences include Steve Reich, Talk Talk, Hella, Prince, XTC, Richie Hawtin, and Deerhoof."

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