Cucamonga - Alter Huevo

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This is the first release by Cucamonga, who are a Argentinian jazz/rock group. They throw in a lot of avant-progressive touches into their stew as well. Electric piano, sax, guitar, bass and drums. The big influences here that I hear are Hermeto Pascoal and Frank Zappa, along with other jazz/rock-type music. This is an exciting take on 'out' electric jazz and its performed with a lot of fire and also with a sense of humor. Recommended.

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Great! You can even hear 'a nice little arpeggio' from one of Zappa's famed songs...that tells you a little bit of where these guys come from. But the Zappa influence is more of a homage than anything as the music takes me to other places like GOOD era Gurtu, Pascoal, Samla and other TIGHT ensembles. Also a bit of argentinian folk creeps in from time to time. All and all a very good first album and recommended to fans of the bands mentioned.
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