Yugen - Iridule CD

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Third album by this Italian 'difficult music' ensemble, who derive great pleasure in presenting for your ears what Frank Zappa referred to as "The Black Page" (i.e. musical scores so filled with notes that it appears as a sea of black ink)!

"Iridule pushes on the most abstract language derived from the avant-garde music of the Twentieth century (Ligeti, Xenakis, Nancarrow), but also on a typically rock rhythmical drive, thanks to a more aggressive drum-and-bass section and to heavier and multi-faceted sound, on the edge between Henry Cow, King Crimson and Frank Zappa, with the further novelty of the voice. You won’t miss, as in Labirinto d’acqua, great dynamical ranges, a scrupulous tymbrical research, an even more articulated and stratified rhythmical detail. Important guests as Elaine Di Falco, Dave Willey, Mike Johnson, Dave Kerman (practically speaking, the whole of Thinking Plague!), Guy Segers (Univers Zero), Michele Epifani (Areknames) and others make a kaleidoscopic and astonishing album."
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