Musica Ficta - A Child & A Well

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This Israeli progressive rock band has gathered a bit of a reputation for a bit of a unfortunate reason: despite being well regarded and well received by those who have seen them/heard their demos, they recorded this album in 2005 (with Udi Koomran engineering and mastering), and despite its very high quality, it was not able to find a release until now. The music moves smoothly between instrumental parts that are a bit avant-progressive to the vocal parts where you hear echoes of Jethro Tull (not vocally, but in the song form) and perhaps Renaissance. This is a really good, contemporary progressive rock release.
Julia Feldman – vocals
Udi Horev – guitar and composition
Dvir Katz – flute
Omer Rizi – keyboards
Avi Cohen Hillel – bass guitar
Michael Gorodinsky – drums

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