Ghost - In Stormy Nights

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"Over the hour's worth of music and sound that makes In Stormy Nights, Ghost apply their folk sounds, improvisations and avant-garde constructions to a savage evocation. In the world we live in today, we can only imagine what this means. And we agree. Throughout In Stormy Nights there are a variety of sounds and songs, ranging from pop-folk numbers to hard rock to outré concepts held together by Ghost's diverse musical personality. The essence of Ghost is the epic 'Hemicyclic Anthelion.' Nearly thirty minutes of free improvisation from several live shows are strung together into a seamless progression. This piece is a cornerstone of In Stormy Nights and a representation of the original approach of Ghost -- pure improvisation. Ghost are forever looking for themselves in the music they make. To make ordinary beauty is easy, but Ghost are listening beyond that. Even the acid-folky songs are based in improvisation. Over the years, Ghost have never had the same lineup twice on any of their album sessions -- until now. The In Stormy Nights Ghost is the same Ghost that recorded Hypnotic Underworld and the same group that thundered across the U.S. in 2004. They display intense power on these new recordings, incorporating frame drums and tympanis and the 'springer' (a device made by Batoh that contains metal springs, a resonance box, plasma ball (light) and rotating machine to create a heavy yet Theremin-like sound) into their already-diverse orchestra. The center of the album is a series of tympani-driven songs that rock with a fury, mirroring the martial mood of our governments -- a mood that musicians and artists may not share in beyond reflecting it. This powerful section concludes with an absolutely blasting cover of Cromagnon's 'Caledonia' -- a favorite band of Ghost's that they are delighted to share with listeners in this fashion."
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