Errobi - Ametsaren Bidea

Best known release from this band, which was a real rarity (as were most of the folk/progressive Basque items) until this reissue. They were mostly French, but they operated in the Basque region, which means that everyone, including me, assumed that they were Spanish!

"Errobi is a group from the Basque province in Spain. The music on Ametsaren Bidea is mostly in the folk rock vein, but with an open and spacey sound. The vocals are pleasant and sung in the Basque language. Their music is a bit difficult to pinpoint, but Richard and Linda Thompson's folk rock albums of the 70's come to mind. During the longer, symphonic-edged instrumental sections, Errobi sound not unlike the Argentine band Redd or the more upbeat parts of the Argentine Magma..."-Sjeff Oellers/Gnosis
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