Salle Gaveau - Alloy

Led by guitarist Kido Natsuki of Bondage Fruit, Salle Gaveau combines the art-music tango, as typified by the brilliant and famous work of Astor Piazzolla with a rock energy and zaniness. Using the same quintet musical configuraration as Piazzolla's famous band (guitar, violin, accordion, double bass and acoustic piano), this is as if Astor Piazolla's quintet was taken over by a five Japanese musicians, who play this style of music, but at times significantly faster and with fuzzbox guitar! The dexterity and skill of the players on the fast passages are just unbelievable. Kido's a monster, playing unbelievably complex and FAST fuzz guitar with great precision, and the rest of the players are as good or even more amazing. Art/thrash/damage/punk/tango? I dunno. I do know that I thought this was just grand... Highly recommended to fans of Astor's music who also like art-rock (which should be everyone reading this!!)
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