Picore - La Postura Perfecta

A modern sounding, adventurous Spanish quartet. "Picore formed in Zaragoza, Spain in 2002, with Cristian Barros(guitar/producer), Daniel Jiménez (vocals), Liborio García (stick/bass guitar) and Pablo Jiménez (drums). The sound of the band is a sort of experimental-rock, post-rock, art-core mixing the suggestion in lyrics (obviously in Spanish) with expressionism in music. The band has toured all around Spain and France. Their first CD, named "La Postura Perfecta" (The Perfect Position) is a proof of their free activism, an antidote against standard-rock, a piece of contemporary rock music with echoes of Glenn Branca, Zappa or Fred Frith (as many musical critics usually say). A tour across the whole europe is being prepared for March 2007 and the band will also prepare their second album."
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... really interesting. I met them in Bilbao (Basque Country) playing with Pit Er Pat (Thrilljockey, Chicago). It was the 1st show in their european tour. Can anybody tell me if their 2nd album, "Lista completa de heridos", is going to be available here?
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look @ www.myspace.com/picorelaposturaperfecta
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