Mats / Morgan Band // Morgan Agren - Heat Beats Live // Tourbook 1991 - 2007 CD + DVD

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"This DVD contains various recordings made during a 16 year span, including live and studio recordings featuring many of my favorite musicians, plus lots of solo drums. I am happy that all of this material is recorded at all. It would have been a shame to set my hair on fire without being able to see it after..." –Morgan Agren

"...influenced by Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Earth Wind & Fire.... the Mats/Morgan men integrate everything and make it their own. – Audiophile Audition

"...a fusion-ish instrumental band of almost impossible virtuosity and a palpable sense of fun." – Expose

"Morgan is quite simply one of the most interesting and exciting drummers I've ever heard. Rhythmically advanced and musical too. A rare combination of modern and classic." – Gavin Harrison

Mats Öberg (keyboards) and Morgan Ågren (drums) have been playing together for over 25 years. They released 6 previous album (as well as assorted side/solo projects) for their own UAE label for a decade before signing with Cuneiform and releasing their very popular Thanks For Flying With Us album.
Heat Beats is an excellently recorded live album (except for the applause you would never know it was a live recording) which covers two years of work, featuring Mats and Morgan alone, together and with up to 3 additional musicians. The music is their modern blend of composition, improvisation, complexity and hypnotic beats, as well as their sense of humor.
Also included in this package is a second disc, which is Morgan Agren's long worked upon and anticipated DVD release, both with Mats and with other musicians as well.
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