Univers Zero - Live

"Since the late 70s, Univers Zero composer and drummer Daniel Denis has been pursuing his vision of a chamber music that borrows the energy and production of rock, especially working with stereo extremes, but with a classical ambiance."-John Diliberto/Pulse!

Univers Zero occupy a special place in the new music pantheon. They practically invented the 'chamber-rock style and their albums are classics of their kind, with an instantly recognizable sound. Group leader Daniel Denis had long insisted that he wasn't interested in having a performing band, so it was a thrill and a shock when he put together a stable band version of UZ for the 00's. This edition of the band is the most perfectly realized version of Univers Zero for live performance, which is something that Daniel obviously agrees with, as he had resisted a live album until now. Consisting of six tremendous players: Daniel Denis-drums, Michael Berckmans-bassoon, English horn and oboe, Martin Lauwers-violin, Peter Van Den Berghe-piano and keyboards, Kurt Bud-clarinet and saxophone and Eric Plantain-bass, the band has finally managed to fufill Daniel's vision of marrying a rock band with the majesty and power of classical instrumentation. This is an utterly fantastic sounding recording which includes some significant re-arrangements of a number of great works, which bring out new aspects of these pieces!

"I must say the live UZ is freakin' great. Congrats. For me, it's their best album since Ceux. Truly an excellent recording too."-Dave Kerman

"...one of the best sounding live documents I know of."-Udi Koomran.

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