Ahvak - Ahvak

The Israeli band Ahvak, named after the Hebrew word for Dust, creates music of dark, ominous and compelling beauty. Ahvak's mesmerizing and electrified version of chamber rock blurs the boundary lines between styles and aligns the band with forward-thinking bands such as Univers Zero, The Science Group, Sotos, Thinking Plague and the 5UUs. Led by two conservatory trained composers/keyboardists and also featuring excellent work on guitar, bass and drums (by Dave Kerman!), the five musicians are joined by their engineer, Udi Koomran, who often extends the music into unique directions by his use of modern computer software, without compromising the integrity of the compositions or the vibrant performances. The resulting CD is a highly sophisticated and expertly produced work, featuring superb compositions performed by highly experienced musicians. One listen to this and you'll know why this is on Cuneiform!
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