Cheer-Accident - Fear Draws Misfortune

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"...[Cheer-Accident] meld difficult, angular rock with absurdist lunacy in intentionally disturbing ways that are just brilliant." – Alternative Press

"There are few ensembles that can make noise sound both as mysterious and as strangely inviting as Cheer-Accident." – Delusions of Adequacy

For over 20 years, Cheer-Accident have been a creative, interesting force in rock music. They constantly strive to surprise their audience and themselves with constant reinvention. Fear Draws Misfortune is their 16th release and arguably their best and also the album which strives the furthest towards a powerful balance between personalized and unique studio techniques and the excitment of a visceral, live, well-honed rock band. Which is saying something.
It is a strongly compelling and high-reaching album that uses a wide variety of ideas, styles and studio techniques, resulting in a cohesive and ambitious album of art-rock.
The basic band is a trio who between them perform on vocals, keyboards, trumpets guitars, bass and drums, but they are augmented by 15 additional musicians who, each in their own way, bring their own musical gifts to the album. Fear Draws Misfortune reveals a fortuitous intersection of between Cuneiform and Cheer-Accident, both of whom have long admired the other and both of whom finally decided to do something about it!
This long overdue marriage, which neatly coincides with a timely (and quite lengthy) cover-feature article in December 2008's Signal To Noise magazine, promises to hurl Cheer-Accident into wider recognition.
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Love it!! Looking forward to the CD release show at the Hideout!
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this album in no way deserves the best supporting actress nod. it's full of hair!
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hi larry, have you seen rajesh lately? I hope he got his car fixed.
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