Upsilon Acrux - Radian Futura

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"...a feast of heavy, odd-time riffing" – Washington City Paper

"...a stunning example of both virtuosity and clever composition...amazing, and amazingly consistent...." – All Music Guide

"Seldom is music so challenging also so easy to listen to." – Prefix

"...there’s something revitalizing about hearing a band like Upsilon Acrux hitting their stride...." – Dusted

Mixing instrumental complexity within highly structured mini epics...these guys sweat and spray us with the results." – Modern Drummer

Upsilon Acrux is an instrumental quintet (dual guitars, keyboards, bass and drums). Their music is generally very intense, loud, hard-hitting and unbelivably virtuosic.
Upsilon Acrux's music is demanding on many levels, but mostly it demands that you listen to it a number of times before forming an opinion, because only after you've gotten familiar with it can you get past the sheer complexity and onslaught of it all and hear the amazing musicality of what they are doing.
This combination of blazingly fast, interwoven musical lines delivered at blinding speed mixed with their unique melodic sense makes Upsilon's music instantly recognizable. They are one of the most creative and original of the shockingly large number of great post-punk, avant-garde rock bands today. This is their sixth album of explosive, intense and surprisingly beautiful intricate, instrumental rock.
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