Led Bib - Sensible Shoes

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Sensible Shoes is the fourth album by this London quartet of dual alto saxes, Fender Rhodes & keyboards, bass and drums. It is a cataclysmic offering of jazz-rock, free-jazz, avant-skronk, funk-rock, art-noise and whatever else they can lay their hands on. A tremendously popular act at home in the UK, where they regularly play large-scale festivals and concert halls (as well as playing the typical club gigs that all musicians play), Sensible Shoes is their first recording to be released outside of the UK. The band has impressed afficiandos of foward thinking electric jazz with their impressive and muscular dual sax-topped, Fender Rhodes-driven music. This new album is culmination of two years of heavy touring since the release of their last album and all of that work definitely shows! A band who have already done great things and are destined for more of the same, but with extra sauce, please.

"We are a jazz band from London, we sound like (insert some ridiculous adjectives here). We have played with (insert long list of people who we have onced shared a toilet with). And we have played at (insert long list of places where we have once smuggled our instruments inside)."

"We need bands like Led Bib to make the world safe for dangerous music." – Observer Music Monthly

"Like crossing the road in a reverie and being run over by a passing bus - but in a pleasing way" – Evening Standard

"The future of jazz or an infernal racket? This young London “post-jazz” outfit are a bit of both. Under the drummer Mark Holub, saxophones and a bumpy rhythm section manoeuvre from dishevelled waltzes to jazz-thrash, pausing occasionally to catch their breath. They’re clearly having a great time, and sometimes you will, too." – The Times

“…an electrified 21st century Fire Music.” – Daniel Spicer Jazzwise

"They represent a new generation of jazz musicians, blessed with the technical know-how of a music college degree and the sexiness of rock n' roll." – Blues and Soul

"Gritty, raunchy jazz from a group who deserve to be checked out." – The Wire

Performing live at the 2009 Mercury Prize on a huge stage!

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