Hamster Theatre - Carnival Detournment

This is the never-before released 'original Bob Drake master', which the band didn't use the first time. Is it hugely different? I didn't think so, although the band (and Bob!) do, so we are mentioning it.
Hamster Theatre is co-led by multi-instrumentalists Dave Willey and Jon Stubbs, who composed the tunes and handled the majority of the instruments. But they are joined here by 10 additional guests. The result is the richest-sounding Hamster Theatre recording to date, featuring a wide variety of instrumentation, musical sources, and styles in a number of charming and accessible instrumental tunes. There are echoes here of a wide geographic, social, and chronological range of music: carnival and theatre music, European avant/progressive composers and bands, most notably L'Ensemble Raye & Nimal, 20th century French composers ranging from Satie and Ravel to Albert Marcoeur and Lars Hollmer, folk music forms from across the continent and sidewalk cafe musings from Eastern Europe. The end result an early 21st century folk fusion, is pure Hamster Theatre.

"[Hamster Theatre] make up what is, in effect, a highly skilled chamber ensemble...the CD has a vvery European feel, offering a literate synthesis of rock, jazz & European folk forms. You can't really put this music into a tidy little compartment, but it's unforced, sophisticated & hightly entertaining. [4/5 stars (Outstanding)] - Alternative Press

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  • LabelCuneiform
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