Castle Canyon - Criteria Obsession CD

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Castle Canyon were a early/mid 70s, mostly instrumental progressive rock band. Their bassist was Fred Chalenor, later of Hughscore, Curlew, etc. The keyboardist and composer, Erik Ian Walker got two of the 3 original members of the band back together (Fred appears just as a guest) to record material from back in the day that never had a chance to be recorded. It's quite great in a retro/ELP/keyboard trio way, but hey - they're retro because they are actually from way back then!

"The greatest band that nobody heard in the early 70's have returned for their second opus, and it won't disappoint (unless you were looking for banjo versions of Greg Lake tunes). "Criteria Obsession" delivers the thrill-a-minute Hammond organ feature "Wiggy Beets," based VERY LOOSELY on Beethoven piano sonata #1 in Fminor. It's like Deep Purple without the annoying vocals! Unless, of course, you like the vocals- then just think of this as the super cool B-mix. A seriously fun romp through the rock landscape. Included, because we know you want them, are TWO Arp 2600 solo works Zig Zag River and Pope's Cabin- recorded in 1974- that capture that HUGE animal Krakken kind of vibe that only a modular synth and a most excellent 70's spring reverb can do.

And, of course, the 1972 prog masterpiece Criteria Obsession/The Mushroom Song that is finally seeing the light of day here in 2015. If you can't trip on this, you can't trip. OK? Here's you chance to test your trippin' DNA."
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