Henry Cow - Concerts 2 x CDs

The last of the Henry Cow albums on Virgin, this includes their amazing final BBC session; 25' of Henry Cow perfection, a small taste of the famous shows that they performed with Robert Wyatt and a lot of purely free improvisation or prepared free improvisation, which is what they were doing live at this time.
This has been out of print for a bit now and is always in demand, and it has been remastered by Bob Drake and sounds significantly better to my ears!

"Originally released in 1976, this collection offers a snapshot of Henry Cow as audiences would have heard it in the year before. Chronologically, Concerts came between In Praise of Learning and Western Culture.
It was also the year of the 'merger' with Robert Wyatt for a series of concerts in which compositions were shared: the last show, in Rome, was also Robert's last public performance.
This new edition, repackaged and carefully re-mastered by Bob Drake, completes our definitive edition of the group's officially released recordings".
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