Magma - Mythes et Legends Volume Two DVD

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In May, 2005, Magma took over the wonderful Parisian club "Le Triton" for four weeks with an ambitious, over the top project; a retrospective of 35 years of Magma music, showcasing some of their best known pieces from 1970 to the present. The four sold-out weeks were a major success. This is the second of a series of four DVDs which capture the best of these performances for the world beyond Le Triton to enjoy them. The band here includes the current line-up of Magma (Christian Vander, Stella Vander, James Mac Gaw, Emmanuel Borghi, Philippe Bussonnet, Isabelle Feuillebois, Antoine Paganotti, Himiko Paganotti) with guest Klaus Blasquiz on vocals and very special guest - yes, really! - Jannick Top (bass). The emphasis here is on the very great and intense period 1973-1974. Tracks are: Wurdah Itah (almost 50'!), Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh, Suite for violincelle, Quadrivium, De Futura. Total time is just under two hours and this is beyond unbelievably wonderful. Highly recommended.
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By the time I knew about Magma, back in 1975, Jannick Top had already left the band under dispute with Christian Vander. I therefore never thought I would have the chance to see what it was like for them to play together. I am happy to say that this new DVD answers the question for me, and rather forcefully as well. This DVD has three classic Magma songs from the 1970s, along with two short solos from Top, and it is superb from start to finish. I have to note that an interesting choice was made by Vander in revisiting these compositions. Over the course of a 35-year history, some of these classic canonic songs have undergone permutation and change, but in the case of the Epok versions, Vander decided to reporduce the songs as they were originally written. Thus, the version here of Mekanik Destuktiw Kommandoh is different from the one that appears on the Live at Trianon trilogy with its extended band. Rather, the version is more like the original as it was released on A&M records. And for that, its rawness brings its own pleasures. Here, MDK is the second composition on the disc, and it is the first where Top shows up to play. Top has a different style than current bass prodigy Phillipe Bussonett; he is at once busier but less frantic, if that makes sense; he plays with an economy of movement. And we do not yet really get a chance to see what he is capable of; his solo here is one of nuance, starting out slowly and toward the end becoming a morass of double tapping technique which creates its own counterpoint. But. The disc starts with Wurdah Itah, a version measurably better than the one that makes up Disc 2 of the Trianon CD, which ain't bad itself. This version is helped by some inspired singing from Antoine Paganotti, helped by sister Himiko, guitarist James Mac Gaw forgoing his instrument to be an additional voice, and Stella and Isabelle Fuiellebois, who is looking better and better as time goes on. This version seems organic; it flows from part to part, reaches ecstatic heights in part, and leads beautifully into MDK. Which leads to cheers when Top shows up, looking like your benevolent grandfather, but still brooding in his old black leather vest. This version is wonderful, and is uplifted further when late in the composition Klaus Blasqhiz shows up unannounced to join in the singing and chanting- did we ever think we'd see these three together again? Top then has two solos, the first of which is a technically difficult transcription of a Bach Violin suite, and the second a tapping extravaganza called Quadirivium, also based on classical themes. And then... and then... De Futura! It fools you , this does. It starts out slowly, and seems to meander its way toward the end, and then, of a sudden, Top smiles and picks up the pace, and all hell breaks loose. The song zooms into the stratosphere; you can see Top working hard as unison lines are played by Mac Gaw on guitar, and second basist Bussonett on a piccolo bass echoing the Top lines an octave higher. Blasquiz and Paganotti lead the chanting, as Himiko, Stella and Isabelle are transported into a cosmic realm, working as hard as I have ever seen Magma singers work, since the energy cannot be contained any more- what a mindwarp this is. You can't live without this disc. It is a must buy.
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The only thing I can add to the above review is that all the DVD's have Widescreen enhancement in the standard 1:85 format and 5.1 surround sound. It's only PCM, but it sounds like THX dts!!! Now, if only Mr. & Mrs. Vander would put out a DVD with all the ancient clips that are currently on YouTube......
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Simply amazing. It should be noted Mac Gaw, Emmanuel Borghi, Philippe Bussonnet record as One Shot. If you don't have their CD's, but them now! I've been buying from Wayside since 1981 when I was a spry 16 year old bored with new wave. I didn't care for Magma's sound. Now that I'm 40, I can't stop listening to them. Both DVD's left me stunned, and ashamed I didn't listen as closely as I should have in 1981.
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