Djam Karet - A Night For Baku

Djam Karet were established in 1984 and by the late 1980's had established themselves as one of the US's most important instrumental progressive rock ensembles. Compared by the press with King Crimson, Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Ozric Tentacles and Porcupine Tree, they are credited with breathing new life into progressive rock. Their music is a unique and exciting blend of heavy guitar rock, jam-band excitement and ambient/electronic soundscapes. The title derives from Japanese folklore: the Baku are mythical inhabitants of the dream world, valiant warriors who devour nightmares as the spoils of battle. A Night For Baku is a journey through Djam Karets musical universe, an immersion in its aural dreams. This finds Djam Karet utilizing more keyboards and electronics than in the recent past, and collaborating on one track with electronic musician Steve Roach. The band's work is legendary, and this release will only help continue to raise their profile.
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