Magma - Live : Hhai 2 x CDs

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One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is rightly considered a avant/prog classic and features a great lineup of the band (Christian, Stella, Klaus, Bernard Paganotti, Didier Lockwood, Benoit Widemann, Jean-Pol Aseline, Gabriel Federow).
This is probably their most accessible work, as it is their most 'fusion sounding work' with extremely strong soloing from violinist Didier Lockwood, but it in no way compromises their vision.
And what a great live recording! The drums sound like they are right in front of you! Includes amazing versions of Kohntarkhoz, Mekanik Zain, Hhai, and other classics! Highly recommended and THE place for newbies to start.
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This is it, this is the place to start as far as I'm concerned. The long spiritual-pummeling version of "Mekanik Zain" (or "Mechanic Zen" as the college radio DJ described it) is what converted me to the cult of Vander as a goofy teenager in the mid-80's. Double cd has the extended version of this song too, not on the original LP or the earlier 1cd pressing.
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I'm gonna quote something Wayside major domo Steve F once said about this album in an old Wayside print catalog from ca. 1993: "If you don't see God during the 30 minute Kohntark, you never will". That's all you really need to know about this one. Oh and also that it has the criminally underrated song Lihns (one of the short pieces on side three). Everything else is just gravy!
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