Magma - Kohntarkosz Anteria (K.A.) CD

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If my Kobaian doesn't fail me, the 45' Kohntarkhosz Anteria was written circa 1972/1973, but never officially recorded, although a tiny piece of it appears on Inedits, and other little bits were grabbed and used in various other works (most notably the live versions of Kohntarkosz from 1974, which can be heard on the BBC 1974 album). Since Christian Vander reactivated Magma in the mid 90's, the band has really turned into a great unit on their own and one that, imo, compares quite favorably to their 'glory period'; the only thing lacking was new material for them to perform. As I just explained, this isn't exactly completely new, but still, as someone who has been waiting desperately for the band to put out something that isn't a re-recording of a 1970's work, I gotta say that this album is completely fine, and if it had been heard in 1974, it would be held in the same high esteem as MDK, Wurdah Itah or Kohntarkosz. Can't give anything much higher praise than that! A fantastic, clear recording that features: Stella Vander, Isabelle Feuillebois, Antoine Paganotti, Himiko Paganotti (vocals), James Mac Gaw (guitar), Emmanuel Borghi and Frederic d'Oelsnitz (Fender Rhodes and grand pianos, synthesizers), Philippe Bussonnet (bass) and the ol' badass himself, Mr. Zebehn Strain de Geustaah (drums, vocals, percussion). Packaged in a really nice digipack with two inserts, including a huge booklet with the entire libretto, so you can memorize all the words and sing along without looking, just like I did with my A&M copy of Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh that included the libretto many, many years ago... Recommended, in case you couldn't tell!
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One of the finest progressive music albums of the 21st century! It's truly great to have a new album from Magma in our hands! This is one of the most fabulous albums of the last 10 or 20 years. Words don't do it justice. If you're a fan, get it. If you're not a fan, this wouldn't be a bad place to start.
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