Lockwood, Didier / Jannick Top / Christian Vander / Benoit Widemann - Fusion CD

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In 1981, when Magma and Vander and company were at one of their lowest points (listen to Bobino 1982 recently?), three of the most famous ex-Magmoids joined forced with Christian to record something different; a straightforward, non-Zeuhl oriented fusion album. Quite different than anything else in Vander's oeuvre, this is really just the sound of four fantastic musicians (Didier Lockwood-violin, Jannick Top-bass, Christian Vander-drums, Benoit Widemann-keyboards) just stretching out and jamming and having a good time. This title always is in demand, but it always seems to be going in and out of print; right now it is in print and we have it!
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