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"It has been a long and frustrating search, but we were finally successful in tracking down a visual recording of Camel performing in 1976. It has been bootlegged mercilessly over the years. We had managed to get a copy on VHS back in 1993, but the recording was so poor, you couldn't recognise the band members. If you didn't know the music intimately, you wouldn't know it was Camel. It was touted as having been filmed in Spain but, in actual fact, it was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on 14th April 1976. The original line up of Andrew, Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson, with the late Peter Bardens, were on tour with their new release, Moonmadness. It's a rather dark recording, with the original audio, but an excellent performance. It's a wonder that the record company still had any form of it in the archives and, while it still has its gremlins, it's a fabulous piece of history. We decided to combine this short performance with the complete 1977 BBC recording at the Hippodrome during the Raindances tour (editor's note: for me, this is Camel's finest hour ever). Originally, we were only able to get permission to release specific time frames of this show, as licenses are charged per minute of usage. Now, through the generosity of the BBC, we were granted a special license to release all of the show. Together, they make a nice window to the past. A very special bonus is that we have included two audio recordings Decca Records (and the band, for that matter) had virtually forgotten about. Long ago, in a faraway galaxy known as Someplace in London, Andrew, Andy, Doug and Peter recorded two songs titled Autumn and Riverman. They weren't considered quite good enough for an album, but what makes these recordings so special to my ears is that they are the zygotes of what would become Camel's signature. They are hindsight in perfection, allowing us to look back to where so many songs originated, a bit like the river's source. I think they also have a certain innocence about them, too. We couldn't see them being released on a Camel album of today as they are too juxtaposed, both in structure and sound. I personally felt they were too unique to be included in that way, and needed something special. When our video producer, David Minasian, suggested we put them on the DVD as an audio bonus, we knew we'd found their place. Dave included an excellent slide show of still images to accompany the music."

Track Listing 1976 show:
White Rider
Lunar Sea
Another Night
Lady Fantasy
Track Listing (1977)
First Light
Highways of the Sun
Lunar Sea
Rain Dances
Never Let Go
One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night
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