Brand, Dollar - Anatomy of a South African Village

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Note: Even though this is a legitimate release from a 'real' record label, and is professionally packaged, etc. this is a CDR.

"This extremely magnificent album,recorded January 30, 1965,in Copenhagen,will let you listen to Abdullah's african music.Except for "smoke gets in your eyes",the rest of the program is made of african-oriented tunes,even if you can find here Monk's or Elmo Hope's or Herbie Nichols' or Duke's influences. This South African trio,made of Abdullah, Johnny Gertze on bass and Makaya Ntshoko on drums (the trio which recorded the very great "Duke Ellington presents the Dollar Brand trio"), this trio plays here some of the most haunting music ever played.The twenty minutes long suite,which includes "Boulevard East","sunset in blue" and "Easter joy" is a very high moment in the art of jazz,or simply improvised piano playing.Makaya Ntshoko's drive on drums is terrific, you could think of listening to Max Roach or Sam Woodyard.Here is some very great music,by one of the most original jazz piano players.Absolutely essential!!!"-Jean-Marie Juiffe

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