Charig, Mark - Pipedream (expanded) CD

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Mark Charig: cornet, tenor horn
Keith Tippett: organ, zither, piano, voice, bell
Ann Winter: voice, bell

Much needed reissue of this rather obscure album which had some very quiet parts, which sounded terrible on the original, famously noisy Ogun vinyl. In addition to sounding a lot better now, it includes an 8' bonus track.

"It was Keith Tippett's idea to use the organ, mine to get out of town. So we went to Neville's chruch in Southmead, Bristol, two very cold days in January. Most of this music was played on the second day when the church was more heated. The atmosphere and acoustics of the church suggested much of the music which is all improvised. No electronics are used."-Marc Charig
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