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This was a 1987 album and is the beginning of the band's heavy electronic influenced period. But a goodly amount of the acoustic instruments still remain; not a classic but still really good. The band is Patricia Dallio-pianos, keyboards, Gerard Hourbette-violin, viola, pianos, keyboards, percussion, Andre Mergenthaler-cello, alto sax, bass vocals, Thierry Zaboitzeff-cello, bass guitar, vocals, tapes, keyboards, percussion. This comes in a new digipack and was remastered in 2003.
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People are funny. Chris Cutler once said this album reminded him of "lip gloss," or maybe it was Les espaces or Ciel de l'enfer, it was a long time ago in one of his early Recommended "critical" catalogue/booklets, but I think he was refering to Berlin. I am proufoundly moved and spiritually inspired by all the Art Zoyd music (and for the record a fan of Cow when there were only a few first edition Legends in circulation in the entire world). I love all the Art Zoyd lps and CDs. I would advise new listeners to try to get their hands on the old vinyls in good shape if they can, however. They sound better and have beautiful covers. Anyway, back to Berlin. I'm getting old, as old as some the dead greats,sadly, with respects. Knock on wood. Berlin is one of my favorite records of all time!!! Maybe my most favorite, in fact. And that goes for last week, after listening to Experiences de Vol, which I wouldn't hesitate for a second "recommending," and then getting out my tape of the old Berlin lp. On Berlin, I think the combination of relentless droning qua pounding synthetic beats, the relentless heavy big synthetic organ sounding keyboards (Epithalme, side one of the old lp, the incessant pounding monoliths of electronic percussion), and the lilting very "musical" music on A Drum, A Drum (the second side of the old lp), with the weird "three sisters" suggestive vocals, is nothing short of genius!! I'm not kidding. This is one of the greatest records ever made. Cutler said that about Magma Live. He was right. I'm right about this. And I wouldn't place Nosferatu far behind either. One final word, anybody who thinks the remix of In Praise Of Learning isn't far superior to the original Phil Becque mix isn't listening!! Music is really mysterious. Sometimes the best albums are made when the musicians aren't on the same page, when people are leaving, or threatening to leave, and others are coming and things are unstable in the studio. Sometimes the musicians go home exalted, "oh we nailed it," only to hear the acetate which sometimes suggests otherwise. But the music is always the music. It always defies the "objective" subjectivity of the aritists who make it, or often enough ruin it. It always defies the would be critics. It is what it is and it defies sound bites. Art Zoyd without Zaboitzeff has been superb, if different. They were incredible with him too. Dalio just as important, under recognized in general, and has been there most of the time. She was unbelievable at Avery Fischer for the live Nosferatu. What a once in a lifetime experience that was!!! So don't listen to this stereotype of the late Art Zoyd, it in itself is now some 18-20 years old, started by the "lip gloss" quip in that Recommended booklet. Check em out for yourself. Want another tip? Check out Luna Surface by Alan Silva. Now that's one!! The best Univers Zero album? Heatwave times ten. These are expressions of a listerners taste and emotions. It's not rocket science.
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