Zazou, Hector / Bony Bikaye / CY1 - Noir et Blanc CD

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"An unsurpassed milestone in European/African fusion, this is a head-on collision between traditional Central African vocals and uncompromising analog electronics. Resulting from a torrid encounter between Zairean singer Bony Bikaye, Algerian-born French composer Hector Zazou and mad scientists CY1, this album was acclaimed by the international press, has influenced scores of artists and remains astonishingly fresh. Guest musicians include Marc Hollander and Fred Frith."

This is the record label hype, but basically I agree with everything said. When this came out in 1983, nothing else sounded like this, and it's still a great listen!

"Oh my god I love this album! It is one of the maybe 20 albums in my life I could listen to over and over. I have never heard freaky synthesizer atmospheres and beautifully polyrythmic African drumming combined to better effect. The palette of synth sounds reminds me of Joe Zawinul of Weather Report -- unique, earthy, spooky, sometimes tenderly beautiful. Fans of odd meters and complex rythmic patterns will be thrilled beyond belief, but it's all groovy and hypnotic as opposed to jerky and confusing. Add to this Fred Frith on guitar, plus strange and gorgeous violin and clarinet parts, and you're swimming in continually intriguing sounds. Bony Bikaye's voice presides over all-- deep, often scary, sometimes touching. If you like African rhythms and also like experimental stuff, this is your thing."-Andrew Rohn
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