Chrome - Alien Soundtracks I & II CD

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Until they imploded (which didn't take very long, actually), San Francisco's Chrome were a cool and punky blend of crazy sounds, noise, psychedelic guitar excess and raw energy, coming across like a mix of The Stooges and Hawkwind.

"The complete ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS saga now available on one mind-bending disc of experimental dystopian sci-fi rock from the spaciest San Francisco-based proto-industrial legends Chrome! Originally released in 1977, the landmark ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS has been widely proclaimed one of the most innovative rock albums ever and was subsequently revisited by the band in 1988 with a sequel that explores similar musical and lyrical themes!"
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An absolutely perfect example of insane invention! Yes,the Stooges,and Hawkwind are influences ,but intercut with home-made tape experiments,overly effected sub-Hendrix guitar, and dual drummers in the mix too! Songs stop,echo into a crazed oblivion of radio signals,then lurch back into life like the tape itself is hallucinating. Lyrics are close to the unhinged level of classic Faust,too. A real modern masterpiece of home-made 1980's "psych". "Half Machine Lip Moves" is their other crazy one. Why more "heads" don't know about them I'll never figure. Get this and find out NOW! They soon backed-off of the intensity,and became mere stoner/industrial/goth!
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