Bernstein, Steven - Diaspora Suite

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This one flew under my radar until I heard it on the radio last week, thereby embarassing myself when I realized I hadn't actually played that one and answering the question, "how do you listen to everything that comes in" in a completely shameful way! Anyway, it isn't too late to make amends and let me tell you this is a fantastic album. Just look at who plays on it! Highly, highly recommended!

"With groups like Sex Mob, Millennial Territory Orchestra and Diaspora Soul, Steven Bernstein is energizing the downtown scene with a passionate and indefatigable creativity. His brilliance continues with Diaspora Suite, the fourth installment in his Diaspora series for Tzadik and perhaps the best! Twelve original compositions exploring the Jewish tradition are brilliantly performed by a nonet of California musicians including Ben Goldberg, Peter Apfelbaum and several key players from his legendary band the Hieroglyphics. Channeling Miles Davis, Gil Evans and the Sephardic traditions of Darkness and Light, this is fabulous new Jewish music by one of the most talented and charismatic figures in the downtown scene."

Peter Apfelbaum: Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Qarqabas
Steven Bernstein: Trumpet
Ben Goldberg: Clarinet, Contra Alto Clarinet
John Schott: Electric Guitar
Scott Amandola: Drums
Will Bernard: Electric Guitar Sweeteners
Nels Cline: Electric Guitar
Jeff Cressman: Trombone
Devin Hoff: Electric Bass
Josh Jones: Drums, Percussion
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