Zorn, John - Angelus Novus CD

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''Here is a side of Zorn's work that has pretty much remained hidden -- his compositions for classical chamber ensembles. This CD marks the first in a series documenting these pieces, commissioned by some of the world's leading ensembles and appearing on CD for the first time. The works here span over20 years, and include 'Christabel', a student piece written in 1972 inspired by the romantic mystic poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the wind octet 'Angelus Novus' composed for the world-renown Netherland's Wind Ensemble and dedicated to the Jewish cultural theorist Walter Benjamin, the dynamic chamber symphony 'For Your Eyes Only' and 'Carny', a virtuosic solo piece that receives an impassioned and breathtaking performance by pianist Stephan Drury. Students of the New England Conservatory perform this challenging music with startling clarity and intensity that will surprise and delight Zorn fans and detractors alike.'' [Tzadik]
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