Zorn, John - The Goddess: Music for the Ancient of Days CD

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"Continuing in the mystical tradition of In Search of the Miraculous, The Goddess is a stunning collection of odes in celebration of women in myth, magick and ritual throughout the Ages. Expanding the ever-growing Alhambra ensemble with the searing guitar of Marc Ribot and the evocative harp of Carol Emanuel, the music takes on a lush orchestral sound and more than a touch of the feminine. Blending an hypnotic minimalist propulsion with the complex cinematic sweep of Zorn’s fast changing extended file card compositions, the music develops from moment to moment in ways both surprising and inevitable. Breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful, The Goddessis a lyrical treat for your ears!"
Marc Ribot: guitar
Carol Emanuel: harp
Rob Burger: piano
Trevor Dunn: bass
Kenny Wollesen, Ben Perowsky: drums
  • LabelTzadik
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