Picchio dal Pozzo - Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi

Picchio dal Pozzo are considered to be one of the very few "Canterbury" inspired bands that emerged from Italy's fertile 1970's progressive rock musical scene. They released two highly regarded - and highly sought after - albums during their lifetime. This was their second and in my opinion the greatest release during the band's life and came very near the end of the band's existence. Using guitar, keyboards, saxes, bass, drums and vocals, despite the band's Canterbury-ish roots and their more advanced and complex RIO-style 'rehearsal-intensive', PdP had a sound completely their own that encompassed all aspects of their music: the vocals, the writing, the arrangements and the performances on the instruments. This is an untterly fantastic album that has previously only been available on CD from Korea and Japan, both in very limited editions. Newly remastered by Bob Drake, this great work is now available to everyone. Essential for fans of groups like Caravan, Hatfield & The North, Henry Cow, Soft Machine & Frank Zappa.
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Late 60s (instrumental) Zappa collides with Canterbury in front of the Colosseum. Vespas and Fiat 500s hurry by. This disc is as wonderful as everyone says it is. -T.A.
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