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Out of print! Last copies! Nebelnest emerged with a bang out of France, with an excellent first album in 1998 and a second well received album in 2002. An instrumental quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, on their third album, Nebelnest add more elements of found-sound, noise, improvisation and dissonance to their uniquely post-punk take on dark symphonic rock, updating and punishing that sound beyond recognizable and reaching a whole new audience with it as well. Recorded during a time of chaos and transition for the band - their original guitarist appears on some of the album, as well as his replacement, who has also since left - the uncertainly that they were dealing with filled their music with an exciting tension. Happily, since the album was recorded, they have found a new replacement guitarist and have been busier playing concerts than during anytime in recent years. "stunning...powerful and complex...the relentless pace of this album is a challenge to keep up with and multiple listens through the aural pain barrier are essential to even begin to understand where this band is going."-Classic Rock Society
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