NeBeLNeST - Nova Express

NeBelNeST are one of the most adventurous and energetic young bands to emerge on the international post-rock / avant-progressive scene in recent years. The young French band is noted for its dark symphonic rock music influenced by King Crimson, Pulsar & Shylock, laced with psychedelia and improvisation, and played with a riveting level of energy and intensity that 70's bands never even considered! Nova Express, their second CD, is produced by Bob Drake of the 5uus and Thinking Plague, and has recorded solo and other CDs for the ReR label. Drakes distinctive production techniques are a perfect match for NeBeLNeST, emphasizing and augmenting the wide dynamic range of the bands dark, mesmerizing sound.
  • LabelCuneiform
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After a lifetime of listening to Prog, it seems that all roads led to this album. Outstanding use of authentic mellotron texturing over rich guitar work of altering styles. Not the most complex playing, but some of the most thoughtful, deep compositions. I have always been partial to instrumental music. Some of the greatest music in the world has been ruined by singers. Thank you NeBeLNeST for not ruining this with a singer.
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