Phlox - Rebimine + Voltimine

The world is a big, surprising place, but it still probably comes as a shock to many folks to learn that one of the absolute greatest jazz/rock bands performing today is from Tallinn, Estonia!
This is even better than I expected it to be; an excellent, somewhat noisy (in a good way - it doesn't induce slumber) take on classic jazz rock from Estonia that challenges almost anything else being made today. Keyboards, guitar, sax, bass, drums, percussion. All instrumental. Highly recommended!

"The third album by the Estonian jazz-rock/prog group Phlox, “Rebimine + voltimine” (“Tearing and Folding”) is a fast, high energy old school fusion rollercoaster. Although these instrumental compositions are somewhat influenced by Cantebury bands like Soft Machine, etc., also early 70s King Crimson and others, the different tastes of the members of this six-piece combo produce a strange mix, and the result is a unique and colourful picture. The album was recorded with vintage analogue equipment at MKDK Studios, Tallinn, Estonia, providing a soft sound even at the most hard hitting moments, of which there is no shortage. Phlox has been recording and playing since 2000, the line-up has gone through numerous changes and at present features Kristo Roots (g), Pearu Helenurm (kb), Kalle Klein (s), Raivo Prooso (b), Madis Zilmer (d) and Allan Prooso (perc)."

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