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Third and best yet from this amazing instrumental, post-Beefheart, avant-technical, improv-core, math-metal, art-damage, punk-rock power trio from Asheville, NC.
Using the simple and classic skeleton of guitar, bass and drums, these three make powerful music that is undeniably 'rock' but is also undeniably much wider in musical influences than what one would imagine in such rock-based work.
For example, the opening song is Remember Rumsfeld at Abu Ghraib; of course we all know what that title...

Ahleuchatistas - Even in the Midst...

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"...just great, fun music."-Lucid Forge

"...what innovative metal groups have been trying to do for some time – Ahleuchatistas finally makes sense out of the unexpected and extreme, giving up none of its ingenuity. (9.25/10)"-Maelstrom

"Their quirky cross between new music composition and raw punk energy will have the self-appointed genre limiters scratching their heads for the rest of the year. The rest of us can just enjoy it and hope there'll be more..."-New Music Box

"...they're astonishingly together even on passages where it seems impossible to stay in sync."-Pitchfork

"A wonder of complex rhythms, virtuoso musicianship and a name that's really, really hard to pronounce."-Go & Do

You can hear their music here

Leaving audiences slack-jawed in amazement at South by Southwest, punk-rock dives across the USA and jazz festivals in Europe, the Ahleuchatistas and their unique, high-energy, instrumental, technical, undefinable trio music for guitar, bass and drums continue to reach new heights as a performing and a recording unit. If they come to your town, you must see them; there is no one - and I mean no one - who can match them at what they do. They make playing this tight, fast, complicated music sound effortles! Even in the Midst... is their fourth album and the years together playing hundreds and hundreds of shows have created one of the most amazingly tight ensembles that you will ever hear or see. This album widens their sound a little bit; there's plenty of the insane, over-the-top playing that we've come to expect, but there's more room for improvisation here and also for more quiet moments as well. The CD contains an 8 page, full color booklet of Courtney Chappell's beautiful and disturbing artwork. With this album, both in terms of the sonics of the album and the performance itself, the band have made their best recorded statement yet.
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