Combat Astronomy - The Dematerialised Passenger

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File Under: Avant/Industrial jazz/rock. The Dematerialized Passenger is Combat Astronomy's second full length release...masterminding this cult underground act, James Huggett (bass, guitar, electronics, programing) has built on the power and creativity of his earlier work, refinig the rock and jazz aspects that often colored them, and produced...a relentless prog/zeuhl/industrial tour-de-force with some fantastically vocal and agressive horn work (Martin Archer-alto and sopranino sax, bass clarinet, violin, electronics, Mick Beck-bassoon, Charlie Collins-flute) against the grinding mid-tempo down-tuned bass guitars, odd meter drums and droning electronics. Bursting with creativity and compositional of Guapo, Heldon, Circle, Loop, avant-rock and 'brutal prog' should check this out immediately.
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