Cheer-Accident - Sever Roots, Tree Dies

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Hot damn tamale, I never thought that this would be reissued on CD! This was the very first album release by Cheer Accident, the woefully under-recognized band from Chicago, for whom the term "brutal-prog" was actually coined, by Weasel Walter! At this point in their life, they were a trio consisting of Chris Block-bass, piano, vocals, guitar, flute, tapes, samples, mellotron, Jeff Libersher-guitars and Thymme Jones-drums, piano, vocals, trumpet, percussion, tapes, sampler, mellotron. We stocked this album when it was first released in 1988 and sold quite a lot of them (over 100 for certain) and I remember that I really loved this album and was utterly confused about the usage of a lot of very obvious 'classic progressive rock' influences combined with a punk rock attack and attitude (hey, it was 1988, and I was still a progressive rock fan even though I listened to a lot of other stuff too. This music was definitely NOT apeing Genesis like the neo-prog stuff that was also out at the time and was being called 'progressive', but seemed like inferior re-hasing to me of stuff I had liked 15 years earlier. I had just never heard anyone make such noisy, angry, obviously 'progressive' rock before). Now it's here and you can hear it too. Mastered from the original stereo master tapes along with a nice reminiscence of the band by founder Thymme. Recommended!
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