Lasting Weep - Le Spectacle de L'Albatros CD

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This really could be considered a Maneige album, expanded into a larger format!

"Another page in the history of Lasting Weep, formed in 1968 by Alain Bergeron and Jérôme Langlois (prior to them founding Maneige), Mathieu Leger and Claude Chapleau. Jérôme Langlois' exit from Maneige in 1976 gave him the time to finish “Lalbatros”, an epic musical concept he began writing in 1970 while with Lasting Weep. He then performed it live accompanied by a who's who of Quebec's progressive rock scene including the entire line-up of Maneige, as well as Raôul Duguay, Michel McLean, Jean Vanasse and more. The professionally recorded and to-date unreleased "Le Spectacle de l'Albatros" is over 70 minutes of incredible music representing one of the most important events in Quebec’s progressive music history!"
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