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Maneige were one of the very best known (and also the very best) Quebecois progresive bands of the 1970s. Founded in 1972 by classically trained musicians, they were a sextet of musicians who played a huge array of instruments, including piano, electric piano, synths, flutes, alto sax, guitars, bass, drums and percussion. Their first two albums were recorded for EMI/Harvest and were very complex and orchestrated progressive affairs with very long tracks. By the time of this, their fourth album, they had moved towards a much more fusion-ish sound and the songs were shorter, but they still have a very pronounced progressive sound too. It's wonderful to have it on CD, newly remastered from the original tapes in 2006! It also includes 14'' of bonus live tracks, taken from their album Composite, which has never been available on CD!
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